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Brake drum boring machine TS8365 TC8365A

Item No.: 144
Special repairing brake drum of vehicles, optional brake shoe or hubless brake drum,
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  1. Tool post approaches workpiece fast µ feed enables more convenience.
  2. Feeding in either direction and rapid up/down enables high efficiency
  3. Super strong spindle structure makes boring elliptical deformable /surface hardened brake drum available.
Model Unit TS8365  TC8365A
Max.boring diameter Mm 650
Range of boring diameter Mm 200-650
Vertical travel of toolpost Mm 350
Spindle speed R/min 25,45,80
Feed Mm/r 0.16,0.25,0.40
Moving speed of toolpost vertical Mm/min 490
Motor power Kw 1.5
Overall dimensions Mm 1140x900x1600
Weight Kg 960/980