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FG500 Flywheel grinding machine

Item No.: 155
Optional: magnetic table
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FG500  fly wheel grinding machine
is mainly used for regrinding the automobile engine flywheel disk and clutch friction plate in repair units and network points to carry out automobile maintenance & repair service.
Model FG500
Table Diameter 450mm
The Max diameter of repairing Flywheel 500 mm
The Max Distance from spindle to table 200mm
Rotational Speed of Grinding wheel 2800r/min
The rotational speed of table 17/34r/min
The motor of grinding wheel 3 kw/400V/50HZ
The motor of table 1400/700r/min 0.4/0.22KW/400V/50HZ
Cooling pump 0.12KW
Overall dimensions 1200X800X1750(mm)