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TR40 tube roll bender

Item No.: 083
-Small size and best design.
-It can bend various capacity workpieces by one set roller.
-This model is very superious and convenient for square tubes and rectangular tubes.
-It save a lot of money, time, and labor by using this machine.
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Mild steel 20x20x1.2 25x25x1.2 30x30x1.5 40x40x1.5
Copper 20x20x1.5 25x25x1.5 30x30x1.75 40x40x1.75
Aluminum 20x20x1.75 25x25x1.75 30x30x2 40x40x1.75
Min R  mm 180 170 200 220
Min Ø  mm 450 500 550 600