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90 and 45 degree C Angle cutting band saw

Item No.: 079
1.It can be cut 0-60 degree
2.Stepless speed. Hydraulic clamping
3.Worn gear parts, more powerful.
4.Hard metal alloy saw blades.
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Model unit GZ4230 GZ4235
Cutting capacity mm 90° 320x300
45° 200x220
90° 380x350
45° 240x220
Blade speed m/min 274569 274569
Saw blade size mm 3850x27x0.9 4525x34x1.1
Maximum cutting seam width mm 1.1 1.3
Main motor power kw 3 4
Hydraulic motor power kw 0.55 0.55
Coolant pump w 40 40
Clamping   Hydraulic vice Hydraulic vice
Main transmission   Worm gear Worm gear
Feeding type   Wheel sliding Wheel sliding
Saw machine Size mm 2000x1250x1500 2200x1300x1600
Package size mm 2100x1300x1550 2300x1350x1650
Weight Kgs 850 950