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GW4028B saw machine

Item No.: 078
1. Hydraulic control of feeding speed of swing /cutting ,stepless adjustment.
2.Hydraulic control of pencers clamping and semi-auto clamping.
3.Adopt worm wheel drive of saw/cut .
4.Using anti triction bearing and hard alloy for guiding .
5.Band saw o
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Band saw GW4028B
Maximum Cutting Capacity Round 280mm
Square 220*400mm
Rectangle 220*400mm
Saw blade Speed 22/41/59/85 m/min
Size 3505*27*0.9 mm
Motor Output Saw blade 2.2KW
Clamping method Hydraulic/manual
Weight 650KGS
Packing Size(L*W*H) 1830*1100*1300mm