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250mm,315mm,350mm, 300mm circular saw machine

Item No.: 073
It can cut all kinds of manual common steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum .
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Model CS-315 CS-350 TV-300
Max. blade size 315mm 350mm 300mm / 11.8
Capacity Circular     @90° 100mm(4’’) 120mm(4.7’’) 100mm(4’’)
Rectangular @90° 140x90mm(5.5”x3.5”) 140x100mm(5.5”x4”) 70x120mm/2.7x4.7
Circular    @45° 90mm(3.5”) 105mm(4.1”) 90mm/3.5
Rectangular @45° 100x0mm(4”x3.5”) 100x100mm(4”x4”) 70x90mm/ 2.7x3.5
Blade speed @50HZ 18,36rpm 18,36rpm 5400rpm
Vice opening 145mm(5.7”) 145mm(5.7”) 190mm/7.5
Motor power 750W 1HP/1.3kW 1.7HP(3PH)       1.1KW  1.5HP(1PH) 4kw 50/60hz
Drive Gear Gear Belt
Packing size 98x62x90cm(body) 
98x62x90CM body
77x57x47Cm stand
N.W/G.W 185/207kg 190/212kg 105/115KG