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manual folding machine TSB 2020/2540/3020mm

Item No.: 024
Steel welded design
Rigid and durable structure
Segments blade
Lever for the swivel movement of the bending beam
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Model Capacity(mm) Packing size Weight
Length Thickness Angle
TSB 2020/2 2020mm 2mm 0-135° 280x71x150cm 1010/1220kg
80” 14Ga 2230/2690lb
TSBS 2020/2 2020mm 2mm 0-135° 280x71x150cm 1020/1230kg
80” 14Ga 2250/2710lb
TSBS 2540/1.5 2540mm 1.5mm 0-135° 337x72x150cm 1250/1400kg
100” 16Ga 2750/3080lb
TSBS 3020/1.2 3020mm 1.2mm 0-135° 385x72x150cm 1385/1570kg
119” 18Ga 3048/3456lb