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Precision gear lathe

Item No.: 115
Precision ground and hardened guideway.
Spindle is supported with precision roller bearings.
Easy operate and change gears.
Removable gap is available for larger diameter work.
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Model C6241*1000/1500 C6246 * 1000/1500
Swing Over Bed 410mm 460mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 224mm 274mm
Swing In Gap 640mm 690 mm
Length Of Gap 155mm
Max.Length Of Workpiece 1000mm 1000mm
1500mm 1500mm
Bed Width 300mm
Spindle Nose D1-6
Spindle Bore 58mm
Taper Of Spindle Bore NO.6Morse
Range Of Spindle Speed 12changes25-2000r/min
Max.Travel Of Compound Rest 120mm
Max.Travel Of Cross Slide 290mm
Leadscrew Pitch Metric 6mm
Max. Section Of Tool 25mm*25mm
Longitudinal Feeds Range 42kinds 0.031-1.7mm/rev
Cross Feeds Range 42kinds 0.014-0.784mm
Metric Threads Range 41kinds 0.1-14mm
Inch Threads Range 60kinds 2-112T.P.I.
Diametrical Pitches Range 50kinds 4-112D.P.
Module Pitches Range 34kinds 0.1-7M.P.
Dia. Of Tailstock Sleeve 60mm(2-5/16’’)
Travel Of Tailstock Sleeve 120mm (4-3/4’’)
Morse Taper Of Tailstock Sleeve NO.4 Morse
Power Of Main Motor 4kw(5.4HP),optional 5.5kw(7.5HP)3PH