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Univeral lathe CD6241

Item No.: 114
Precision ground and hardened guideway.
Spindle is supported with precision roller bearings.
Easy operate and change gears.
Removable gap is available for larger diameter work.
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Specification CD6241X1000
Max. swing over bed 410mm  16”
Swing over cross slide 250mm  10”
Swing in gap diameter 580x190mm  22”x 7 1/2”
Height of center 205mm  8”
Distance between centers 1000m  40”  or 1500mm
Width of bed 250mm  10”
Cutting tool max section 20x20mm  3/4” x3/4”
Total travel of cross slide 210mm  8 1/2”
Total travel of top slide 140mm 5 1/2”
Spindle bore 52mm  2”
Spindle morse taper in bore MT #6
Spindle speeds number 16
Spindle speeds range 45-1800rpm
Threads imperial pitches 2-72TPI  45Nos
Threads metric pitches 0.2-14mm 39Nos
Longitudinal feed imperial 0.002”-0.067” / rev 17Nos
Longitudinal feed metric 0.05-1.77mm / rev 17Nos
Cross feed imperial 0.001”-0.0335” / rev 17Nos
Cross feed metric 0.0291-1.019mm / rev 17Nos
Range of module pitches 0.3-3.5 MP 18 Nos
Range of diametral pitches 8-44DP  21 Nos
Tailstock quill diameter 50mm  2”
Total travel of tailstock quill 120mm  4 3/4”
Taper in tailstock quill MT #4
Spindle drive motor 4P/8P, 3PH  3.3/2.2kW
Coolant pump motor 4P, 3PH 90W
Packing size 206X90X164mm
Net weight 1300 kg
Gross weight 1500 kg

Standard accessory
3 jaw chuck change gears set chasing dial indicator
reduction sleeve dead center full length splash guard
coolant system brake system 4 jaw chuck
face plate steady rest follow rest
tool box&tools    

Optional accesspry
Taper turning attachment
Live center, Work light
leadscrew guard
digital readout
quick change tool post
Tool post  guard
drill chuck+ drill arbor