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Radial drilling machine Z3050x16

Item No.: 118
Mechanical transmission
Mechanical clamping
Mechanical speed
Automatic take-off and landing
Automatic feed
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Max. drilling dia(mm) 50
Distance from spindle nose to table surface(mm)      330-1200
Spindle center to column generating distance  350-1520
Spindle travel (mm) 200
Spindle Cone 5
Range of spindle speeds(r.p.m) 781352503505901100
Spindle speed series 6
Spindle feeding range(r.p.m) 0.1-0.56
Spindle feeding step 6
Rocker rotary angle ±90°
Main motor power (kw) 4
Movements motor power(kw) 1.5
Machine weight  kgs 2500
Overall dimensions(mm) 2170x950x2450