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Vertical fine boring milling grinding machine TXM250A

Item No.: 137
fine boring cylinder blocks and cylinder sleeves of all kinds of motor.
drilling and reaming which is no bigger than φ30mm
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Item TXM250A
Max. boring diameter Φ250
5.2.1 Max. Drilling and reaming diameter  Φ30mm
5.2.2 Milling head diameter   Φ320mm
5.2.3 Max.Milling plane 400×1250mm
5.2.4 Grinding head diameter Φ320mm
5.2.5 Max. Grinding plane 400×1180mm
5.2.6Spindle speed(stepless) 120~1200r/min
5.2.7 Spindle feed (Stepless) 14~900mm/min
5.2.8 Longi. feed of working table (Stepless) 32~1350mm/min
5.2.9 Spindle travel 700mm
5.2.10 Distance between spindle end and table 0~700mm
5.2.11 Dis. between spin. axis and carri. Verti. plane 375mm
5.2.12 Size of working table (including water slot) 500×1500mm
5.2.13 Amount of working table T slot 5
5.2.14 Longitudinal travel of working table 1500mm
5.2.15 Cross travel of working table 200mm
5.2.16 Main motor 5.5KW
5.2.17 Feeding motors of spindle and working table DC 220V 4.5A
5.2.18 Overall dimension of the machine 2616230cm
5.2.19 Working space 3517235cm
5.2.20 Packing dimension of the machine 2219228cm
5.2.21 Net weight 3500kg
5.2.22 Gross weight 3800kg
5.2.23 Precision of boring dimension H7
5.2.24 Roughness of boring surface Ra2.5
5.2.25 Roughness of milling surface Ra3.2
5.2.26 Roughness of grinding surface Ra0.8