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Vertical fine boring-milling machine T7220C

Item No.: 138
cylinder boring milling machine.
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Model T7220C
Max. boring Diameter 200mm
Max. Boring Depth 500mm
Diameter of Milling Cutter Head 250mm (315mm is optional)
Max .Milling Area (L x W) 850x250mm (780x315mm)
Spindle Speed Range 53-840rev/min
Spindle Feed Range 0.05-0.20mm/rev
Distance from Spindle Axis to Carriage Vertical plane 315mm
Table Longitudinal Travel 1100mm
Table Longitudinal feed speed 55,110mm/min
Table Longitudinal quick move speed       1500mm/min
Table cross travel 100mm
Machining accuracy Boring  Accuracy 1T7
Milling accuracy 1T8
cylindricity 0.02/300
Roughness 0.005
Boring roughness Ra1.6 um
Milling roughness Ra1.6-3.2 um
Machine size 2610x1655x2345mm
N.W/G.W 3800/4200 kgs
Package size 1830x1964x2535 mm