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4 axis cnc slotting machine BK5032E

Item No.: 106
slotting length 400mm,
slotting 200mm,320mm is optional
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This mechanical slotting machine is designed to machine various planes, shapes and grooves on workpieces and is suitable for single-piece production and small batch production.
Uses and features
Being designed for cutting various planes, formed surface and keyway of workpiece, the machine is suitable for single piece and small batch production.
The start and stop of the machine are controlled by a multiple-disk clutch and the reciprocation of the ram is achieved by a crank connecting link. The worktable has automatic feeding function and safety device for its vertical, horizontal and rotary motion. And there is also a rapid motion device for vertical, horizontal and rotary motion of the table. And an indexing mechanism is equipped for the rotary motion of worktable to allow operator to choose the required indexing number on indexing table.
Specification unit BK5020E BK5032E BK5040E
Max.slotting length mm 200 320 400
No.of ram reciprocation per minute No./min 32,50,80,125 20,32,50,80 20,32,50,80
Inclination of ram   0-8° 0-8° 0-8°
Diameter of worktable mm 500 630 630
Adjusting vertical distance of slide block mm 215 360 320
Distance from tool holding surface to column front mm 480 600 600
Distance from worktable surface to underside of slide rock mm 295 455 620
Max.longitudinal travel of worktable X axis mm 400 500 500
Max.transverse travel of worktable Z mm 400 500 500
Max.rotary angle of worktable C   360° 360° 360°
Worktable positioning accuracy of X axis and Z axis   ±0.022 ±0.022 ±0.025
Worktable positioning accuracy of C axis( rotation axis)   ±70”/360° ±70”/360° ±70”/360°
Worktable repeated positioning accuracy of X and Z axis   ±0.012 ±0.012 ±0.015
Worktable repeated positioning accuracy of C axis   ±60”/360° ±60”/360° ±60”/360°
Size of slotting tool (lengthx High) mm 25x40 25x40 25x40
Max.slotting force Kn 5 8 8
Max.loading weight on worktable Kg 300 500 500
T-slot width in the center of worktable mm 18H8 18H8 18H8
Main motor power Kw 3 3 3
Speed of main motor R/min 1420 960 960
Net weight Kg 2200 2500 2900
Machine size cm 180x150x190 213x187x215 210x187x260
CNC brand   KND Siemens